Frog drop off – Chicago and West suburbs family photographer


I truly believe that there is an opportunity to teach your child some kindness in every day.

It may not always be obvious. It can be as simple as sparing the life of tiny bug that crawled it’s way onto your home. Or as heart wrenching as making them realize that some animals just don’t belong as pets.

My sweet Lucas begged to keep these sweet frogs in our home as pets. Fortunately we were able to convince him otherwise, but not without some tears. Convincing him that it was kinder for them to be in a welcoming freeing environment than a warm box in our house was hard. Rationalizing with a five year old is well, not the easiest thing. Specially when they want something so bad. He is a big animal lover so he understood.  We do have some future plans to get a dog soon. For now we pretend that out stuffed animals are alive.

I had promised to take some photos of the frogs for him. I already love his nostalgic heart. As I was taking photos of the tiny frogs in his hands, my littlest jumped fearlessly into the pond. Then the rest just evolved from there. If you know my kids or myself, you know that we love to get messy. It is also why we don’t have nice things. Thankfully nice things are not something we are interested in. The love and adventures is what counts the most. & I am so happy to have these images of my children wild & free.



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  1. So gorgeous! All of it, Adri! I couldn’t agree more with your words. Let’s show them how to always be kind. My daughter would get along so well with your littles. She loves animals and getting messy, too. We both do. Once again, gorgeous post! ❤️

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