Summer is back | Chicago and suburbs family photographer


Summer is here! and of course we’ll soon be complaining of the high temperatures, mosquitos and the traffic. But for now we bask in the lovely honeymoon phase of when summer returns. Those few days when it is warm enough to get wet and be ok with it and not freeze outside. It is a joke in Chicago that our spring is non existent we go from one extreme to the other.

So finally! We explored with the beautiful sun shinning over us. We were searching for frogs as we always are. As usual we catch none. My son was sad, but quickly recovered playing in the water and being able to see his other favorite bugs and birds. My littlest is just happy to be where her brother is, learning along the way. She of course also wanted to get naked and jump in.

I can’t wait for more exploring and fulfilling our summer bucket list.


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