Lunde adventure into 3 | Chicago family photography

Oh boy !


This sweet family is soon welcoming a third boy to their family. Photographing them is always effortless. They make my job so easy! This time around since we may have been interfering with naps, mom brought along some raisins to bribe them with . Well they worked like a charm.

I bet it is very bitter sweet to have a third and to know that your whole world and dynamic will soon change again , and be outnumbered. I can’t wait to meet that sweet little bundle!

Anyway, we had a blast. Hope they enjoy these images as much as I do. 2016-04-19_00022016-04-19_00032016-04-19_00042016-04-19_00052016-04-19_00062016-04-19_00072016-04-19_00112016-04-19_00082016-04-19_00122016-04-19_00102016-04-19_00092016-04-19_00132016-04-19_00152016-04-19_00142016-04-19_00162016-04-19_0001.jpg2016-04-19_00382016-04-19_00172016-04-19_00182016-04-19_00242016-04-19_00202016-04-19_00212016-04-19_00222016-04-19_00272016-04-19_00412016-04-19_00262016-04-19_00252016-04-19_003483 (1 of 1)2016-04-19_00292016-04-19_00352016-04-19_00302016-04-19_00312016-04-19_00402016-04-19_00322016-04-19_00332016-04-19_00232016-04-19_00392016-04-19_0036

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