She’s two

She turned two

despite my efforts to keep her a little as possible. she turned 2.

I am so incredibly proud of her, everyday she amazes us. Specially since We were thinking about speech therapy. I guess, she just needed her own time to blossom. As big as she looks here, I am so thankful that I am still needed so much by her. I will miss the day when my children turn my comfort and love away for some alone time, I hope that never happens… but just in case it does, I am hugging them and cuddling both of my children more these days.  Here are some non conventional 2yr old photos of my girl2016-04-15_00012016-04-15_00022016-04-15_00032016-04-15_00042016-04-15_00052016-04-15_00062016-04-15_0007

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