Visiting friends / Chicago documentary family photography

I met Jesica ( Yes that’s one S not a typo) online of course, through a very cool facebook group. I think what bonded us was our business name, as silly as it was. We hit if off immediately and have become great friends. She visited me back in April, and of course as our luck would dictate, it rained. Almost every day she was here. I had wanted to photograph both of them outside, and was seriously stumped for ideas on where to take them. Of course Jes figured it out and she found this huge beautiful greenhouse. It was awesome seeing these two beauties interact. We did however offer some bribing because I think Ava though that on her trip, she would get a break from the lens. Only to realize she was only adding another to the mix 😉 .

If you want to see some of Jes’ work check out her website & facebook page! She is unfortunately to far for me to have weekly play dates, commuting to PA is a bit far. Hopefully I can join her in her town in the future.

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